Repeater Information

Hutchinson Repeater

The Hutchinson repeater is located in Hutchinson Minnesota on a frequency of 147.375 MHz with a +600 Hz shift. We have put a PL tone on the repeater, the tone is 146.2 Hz. It's new Echolink node number is 252922 - currently offline . The link is hosted in the city of Hutchinson, about 2 miles from the repeater. Press A then the node number to connect, D to disconnect.

There is also a UHF repeater located in Silver Lake. It's at 443.400 Mhz with a +5 Mhz shift and a tone of 146.2.

We've been having ongoing issues with this repeater, as of 8-25-2016 it's offline. We hope to get it on the air soon, with a permanent fix later this fall

Darwin Repeater

The club has a second repeater in the town of Darwin Minnesota to better cover the Meeker County area. The repeater is on a frequency of 146.685 MHz with a -600 Hz shift. The Darwin repeater has a PL tone of 146.2 Hz (the same as the Hutchinson repeater).

The Darwin repeater is currently up and running on Echolink on an experimental basis. The listed callsign is WCRC and the node number is 139762. The link is hosted in Dassel about 5 miles from the repeater. The equipment consists of an Icom IC-2100H, a homebrew 3el yagi, a soundcard interface, and a Pentium 166 PC with a high speed connection to the Internet.

Silver Lake Repeater

We have a 440 repeater in Silver Lake at 443.400+, tone of 146.2

We are experimenting from time to time with linking the repeaters via Echolink. Users can connect to other Echolink nodes using their radio and the repeater as well as access the repeater via the Internet. You can download the free software and learn more about Echolink by visiting

WCRC Repeater Net

The WCRC repeater net is held every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM. The net welcomes check-ins from all hams in the listening area. During the roundtable part of the net, let us know what you've been up to in regards to ham radio. Bought some new gear? Put up a new antenna? Playing around with some new ham related software? We'd all love to know what's going on.

Net Control Operators

Club members: Interested in running the club's Thursday night net? It's easy and a great way to get some net control experience under your belt. If you're interested, contact Greg KGU for more information.