Getting Logged Into the "Reflector"

The best way to stay in tune with the local activities and events is through the use of the club's reflector Getting on the reflector costs you NOTHING. Anyone sending an email to the list will have that posting delivered to every other member of the list. Likewise, being on the list gives you access to the full membership so any questions you may have, just post them. Somebody will know.

If you have troubles, contact Paul KCHST, at "his callsign at"

  1. From the email address that you'd like to have added to the list, send a message addressed to The subject line and any message content are ignored and don't matter.

  2. The group moderator (either WBTRA or KCHST) will receive an email to the effect that a specified email address has requested admission to the group. If the moderator ignores the email, the request is deleted. If the email is replied to, the requestor is added to the group. That's it for instructions. Step 1 is all the potential subscribers need to know.

  3. "Postings" to the reflector will automatically be forwarded to every address, including yours. If you want to "post" a question or comment about anything related to area people, happenings, ham radio related, just send an email to and the message will be forwarded to others on the list. At last tally there were about 36 on the list. It sure beats 36 phone calls!